How To Guide

 – Tool kit for helping increase engagement in

your subject committee meetings


Outlined is a brief guide to how the Subject Committee meetings ran and were structured.

  • Arrange a date and venue for your programme or school Subject Committee meeting.
  • Prior to the the meeting set up a collaborative document such as a wiki on BlackBoard to help formulate a live working agenda/minutes for the meeting.
  • Send out an email to all members of the committee (staff and students) informing them they can place thoughts and ideas onto the WIKI to help create the agenda for the meeting. This email should be sent out relatively early so people have enough time to place their ideas on the WIKI.
  • Consider appointing a Co-Chair from the student representatives.
  • If you have a co-chair – A meeting should be set (approx 2 days prior to the meeting) for the Chair and Co-chair to finalise the agenda using the WIKI that has been produced and filled in by the members, allocating areas for different members to discuss.
  • Set up the room for the meeting in a workshop style format (see an example table below).
  • Once everyone has arrived try to allocate people to discussion areas, themes or disciplines, splitting students and academics equally.
  • Meeting Chair or Co-Chair to outline the meeting, the format and  assign all the agenda points to each of the tables.
  • Give the tables 20-30 minutes for the discussion and pre warn that they will need to delegate someone to feed back to the group.
  • Ask each nominee to feedback to the committee the ideas and solutions that they have come up with. Allow the committee to contribute to the ideas but be careful not to let the discussion go to far into the old routine of the committee meeting. This section should take no more than 30 minutes.
  • After each point (if necessary) assign someone to complete each task with a timeline to complete and update the wiki live in the meeting.
  • Make sure all agenda points have been covered, prioritised and actioned.
  • Ask all members responsible for an action to update their progress on the WIKI for all to see including non-members of the committee

Subject Committee Format

We hope this helps, if you have any comments or queries please contact